Art in nurse homes with Allô Miró


The Allô Miró initiative


The Allô Miró initiative invites all volunteers to engage in discussing a work of art with nurse home residents. The objective is to encourage personal interaction using art as a starting point. The work you are passionate about and interested in will be chosen by you in advance.

Sessions can be carried out by video call, telephone, or in person depending on your availability and that of the care home.

Established in January 2021, the Allô Miró initiative already includes 25 participating nurse homes, 270 sessions were performed, 70 volunteers are involved and 150 residents were reached.

The volunteer programme

We invite you to consider joining the volunteers who are already involved in this initiative and sign up for a 30-45 minute session with one or more care home residents.

You will talk to them about a work of art of your choosing. We can provide a collection of works and associated texts if you wish, otherwise, you are free to talk about whatever interests you. You can then have a discussion about the work and art itself—or any other topic you deem relevant. We wish to clarify that these conversations are not art history lectures and are not presented as such to the care homes: they are a free and personal conversation between art lovers and residents. 

In addition, the sessions will follow a format that you will receive in advance to help you with this task.