Discover Arts & Audiences Now!, the new Art Explora international event


As part of the third edition of the Art Explora - Académie des beaux-arts European award, and in partnership with NewsTank Culture, the foundation is inaugurating its first international event, Arts and Audiences Now!  

Aimed at highlighting contemporary issues related to audience participation, this major event will be an opportunity to share innovative practices for the renewal of the dialogue between the arts and audiences.  

This event is free and open to all.


On the agenda:

6PM : Round-table discussion “Re-inventing public participation: the adventure continues”

With the participation of:  

  • Daniel Azzopardi, Artistic Director of the Spazju Kreattiv Foundation (Malta)  
  • Fériel Bakouri, Director of Points communs - Nouvelle Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d'Oise (France)  
  • Nathalie Bondil, Museum and Exhibitions Directorof the Institut du Monde Arabe (France)  
  • Patrick Fox, Director of Heart of Glass (UK)  
  • Marie Lavandier, Director of Louvre-Lens Museum (France)  

Presentation of the Round-table by NewsTank Culture :

Audience participation has long been part of the process of broadening and diversifying audiences. The general objective is to move from the "consumer" audience, spectator or visitor, to the "actor" audience, which responds to several concomitant concerns: to push back the limits of cultural democratisation, which is still incomplete or imperfect, to promote the cultural rights of each person, to allow artists who wish to do so to establish direct and fruitful contact with the population, and to reach out to audiences that are distant or prevented from attending, for geographical, social or generational reasons. In addition, in this first half of the 21st century, there is the need to take into account the changes in society and the new aspirations that have emerged within it, the need for individual expression, association with decisions, and inclusion in the modes of cultural production and distribution. Always working on the job: audience participation is constantly being reinvented, with each generation of cultural leaders, with each creation or re-foundation of an institution, with each new initiative, one might add. Why is this so? Because each time, this unalterable ambition is born or reborn, that of the unique and precious encounter between art and its audience. The co-creation of works, the association with the programming of the venues, the setting up of workshops or various experiences with specific populations..., the forms are numerous, in keeping with the creativity and audacity of their initiators. Especially since in the digital age, digital tools are formidable means of cultural mediation. So let's give the floor to the bearers of innovation, to those who "make" the participation of today's audiences, artists, directors of institutions, association leaders, so that they can testify about their experiences and the lessons they learn from them.

7:10PM : 2022 Art Explora - Académie des beaux-arts European Award Ceremony

Open to all European cultural organisations, from all artistic sectors, the European award supports innovative practices in access, participation and audience engagement that can be shared across Europe.

20 laureates were pre-selected by a jury of foundation volunteers, divided into 3 categories according to their annual income. For the Art Explora - Académiedes beaux-arts European Award, 1 winner will be chosen per category.

The presentation of the European prize will be hosted by Frédéric Jousset, founder of Art Explora, and Laurent Petitgirard, composer and permanent secretary of the Académie des beaux-arts.  

7:30PM : Cocktail

Practical informations:

December 14 2022  

6PM - 8:30PM

Institut de France, Paris