The Art Explora x Artagon artist residency at Hangar Y


Hangar Y, an emblematic site located at the heart of the Meudon forest, will open its doors in 2023 to become a cultural and event centre. For a period of 6 months each year, it will invite the Art Explora foundation to present an exposition at the crossroads of the arts and science.  

To start lifting the veil on its cultural offering, Hangar Y has invited the Art Explora foundation to develop a multidisciplinary, participatory, and inclusive programme.

photo credit: Salvador Banyo

It is within this context that Art Explora has joined forces with Artagon - a general interest association dedicated to providing support, promotion, and assistance towards creation and emerging cultures - in order to offer 10 young artists a unique residential programme within Hangar Y that is under renovation, between the summer and autumn of 2022.  

The winners, European artists who graduated from art schools in 2020 or 2021, have thus been invited to participate in a production residency in this monumental space left fallow for 70 years. They were selected by a committee made up of personalities from the art world and local actors.

While awaiting the official opening of Hangar Y in the spring of 2023, Art Explora and Artagon thus gave free rein to the 10 artists, that they may reuse the items and materials from the hangar’s renovation worksite and transform them into works of art.

photo credit: Thomas Smith

In July, the young artists have met on site for a first scouting residency, before taking over the premises between 12 and 25 September 2022 for the production residency. They  benefited from a production budget of 2000 Euros. During this 2-week residency these 10 young representatives of the contemporary art guard probed questions of exploration, ecological transition, or even new technologies. Following their residency, the artists were able to exhibit their works during the Stars 'Up festival that Hangar Y hosted from September 22 to 25.

Their work was also  exhibited in Hangar Y during the pre-opening weekend that took place on 22 and 23 October 2022!

The Art Explora x Artagon artists are: