Scholarship program“Passport for the Master’s”


Art Explora and the Fondation Sorbonne Université have teamed up to create the scholarship program“Passport for the Master’s” aimed at two students on a Master 1 course.

The students will be selected by a jury and, over the two years of their Master’s course. They will receive financial assistance and support from a tutor who has worked extensively in the arts and culture industry.By supporting this scholarship program, Art Explorais committing to giving students the opportunity to succeed in a sector that still seems, too often, inaccessible. A student’s personal circumstances should never stop them from achieving their full potential or academic excellence.

In 2021, two art history Master’s course students have been selected for the scholarship program. In order to help them to achieve their professional goals and maximise their prospects, they will also receive support from a professional from the art world. Accordingly, Juliette Singer, the Chief Curator at the Pe-tit Palais Museum, will be their tutor, imparting the keys to success in order to prepare them for the professional world as effectively as possible by advising them, supporting them, guiding them and setting up regular meetings and discussion sessions with other figures from the world of art.

« When they told me I was selected for the scholarship program, it first was a great financial relief. I don’t have to look for a job anymore and I can entirely focus on my Master Thesis, on reading, on refining my knowledge and my passions. I am very eager to meeting my mentor Juliette Singer, Chief curator at the Petit Palais. Learning more about her job and background would probably inspire me a lot. Who knows I may be a curator too in a few years ? »

Maÿlis, 22 years old, master’s degree student in Art History at the Sorbonne University

I’m so happy and proud to have been asked by Art Explora to be the tutor for two young women studying art history. I’ll do my utmost to support them, both with their studies and their career path, and with discovering more about themselves while on the course. Setting out your own path in such a complex world, with the challenges posed by Covid on top, is not an easy task at all and I’ll make every effort to give them a listening ear, advice and the most helpful contacts possible. As I also work with the Zellidja charity, which promotes solo travel for young people aged 16 to 20 years old, I’m really excited! Maÿlis and Melinda are really wonderful people and are very spirited and driven: I’m sure that I will learn a lot from my discussions with them too. I feel that Art Explora has chosen the best format by providing “tailored”support to these young adults, and by supporting art history, which is an incredible subject to study, but does not present very obvious job prospects. On this basis, I hope that I can help these two talented winners with my experience and impart some important knowledge to them, as they embark on their promising careers.

Juliette Singer, Chief Curator at the Petit Palais Museum and tutor for the scholarship program“Passport for the Master’s”