The Short Story Dispensers


In hospitals

One of the main initiatives that ArtExplora has wanted to get involved in has been setting up 5 Short Story Dispensers at the Armand TrousseauChildren’s Hospital in Paris and one dispenser at the Timone Hospital in Marseille, which have been dreamed up and created by the publisher Short Edition.

Operating within the outpatient wards at this children’s hospital, these machines make life more pleasant for young patients and their parents who are undergoing a lot of stress.

It will dispense short stories, as well as anecdotes about paintings and sculptures, written by Artips.

These Dispensers have been set up in the busiest wards or in wards where patients often have to wait for a long time.

Art Explora volunteers will be on hand to help children and their families to discover these stories.

The stories are available on-line at


In care centers

Art Explora uses the network of dispensers set up by Short Edition in different care centers inSeine-Saint-Denis, and offers workshops to children aged 5 to 10, around artistic readings.


The volunteer programme 

We invite you to consider joining the volunteers who are already involved in this initiative and sign up for a session at the hospital or in care centers.

In care centers, inSeine-Saint-Denis, the aim is to bring books and reading at the heart of animations and especially young litterature. Those readings are aimed for 5 to15 years old children and come with activities surrounding art.

A the hospital, come and share reading about art and artists at the bedside of patients from 5 to10. You will offer them a calming time, away from an anxious environment.