Women in Art in the Mediterranean


Head for the Mediterranean on a journey through different eras and cultures!

Visit Art Explora Academy to follow the new art history course and  learn all about the representation of women in Arts in the Mediterranean region!

Tackle a number of themes in a free and fun way:

- How are women depicted in art?

- What clichés are (too often) associated with them?

- What role do they play in creation?

- Women (in)visible?

Innovative alliances with French cultural influencers

To take things a step further, Art Explora has teamed up with content producers to design some original content on the topic of women in art in theMediterranean.

A web series “Women’s Odyssey” with content creator Margaux Brugvin

In tribute to the most mythical of Mediterranean voyages: Ulysses' Odyssey, this series offers an alternative narrative, focused on the female figures created by Homer and their influence on artistic creation since Antiquity.

In four 6-minute videos (in French), you will (re?)discover: the nymphs Circe and Calypso, the goddess Athena, Penelope and also the monsters Charybdis, Scylla and the mermaids.

Two episodes of La Toile Percée directed by François Bénard
(also known as Louvre Ravioli) on the Louvre museum’s iconic works depicting female figures from the Mediterranean world:
- “Winged Victory of Samothrace
- “Eliezer and Rebecca

Come and meet the female figures of the Mediterranean on Art Explora Academy!