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In 2023, Art Explora will inaugurate the ARTEXPLORER museum-boat, which will sail the oceans to provide visitors from all over the world with innovative artistic and cultural experiences.


The 46 metre long ARTEXPLORERcatamaran was designed by Axel de Beaufort and Guillaume Verdier to high environmental standards.

As part of a project that is both cultural and environmental, it will take on the challenge of raising visitors' awareness of contemporary issues. 

With a capacity of up to 2,000 visitors per day, it will journey from port to port to meet the public and provide a unique immersive and artistic experience. 

ARTEXPLORER will take to the seas in 2023.

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The architectural vision

“Designing a 46.5 metre catamaran—the largest in the world—was in itself an exciting challenge; constructing a museum boat of these proportions that can accommodate 2,000 visitors is an unparalleled architectural and ship building challenge that I am extremely pleased to be tackling with my teams. We imagined this aquatic museum as a full-blown work of art, using the finest materials, craftspeople, and know-how for its construction. Alongside the work we are undertaking to develop the characteristics and performance required to travel around the world by sail, our main challenge with this unusual project is to devise an innovative design that reconciles the modularity of its spaces with the interior and exterior layout. This will allow the museum's design to be optimally configured to provide everyone with a unique cultural experience in all four corners of the world.

Axel de Beaufort, naval architecture and design

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