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By becoming partner of our programmes, you participate in the mission of sharing arts and culture with as many people as possible. Together, let’s push boundaries of imagination and create new unforgettable experiences for everyone!

At ArtExplora, we are convinced that culture is a powerful tool of personal and societal development.
Through our programmes, we aim at inspiring new encounters between arts and audiences and encouraging new forms of access, participation and engagement. We work in partnership with artists, cultural organisations and communities, exploring all art forms, and creating unforgettable cultural experiences for everyone.
SupportingArt Explora’s programmes would enable you to address your strategic challenges and highlight your know-how while collaborating on ambitious and international programmes.

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Art Explora covers its operating expenses so that 100% of the donations received are redirected directly to the projects you support.

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« At Roland Berger, we are very proud to work with Art Explora to share culture with as many people as possible. Human capital and excellence transmission are our greatest assets: supporting Art Explora allows us to make our knowledge and know-how available to this essential cause.»

Olivier de Panafieu,
Managing Partner at Roland Berger

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