Theatre at Home

What is Theatre at Home?

Theatre at Home helps older people to access theatre and performing arts, by bringing performances into the comfort of care settings.

© Polly Braden
“It was an afternoon of warmth and fun for them and us!” - Care provider

Engaging with arts activities increases confidence and improves self-esteem, and for older adults living with dementia, participatory art can help improve cognitive functioning, communication, pleasure, enjoyment of life, memory and creative thinking - (Baring Foundation, 2011).

Current partnerships:

Currently we have been working in partnership with OW! Theatre Lab; an ensemble of female performers, aged between 70-87. The group shed new light on classical texts, and creatively engage with their communities in care homes, community centres and schools, promoting a positive representation of older women.

During the summer, OW! Theatre Lab performed ‘The Government Inspector’ by Nikolai Gogol to several of our care home partners.

© Polly Braden
“Three women in the front row clearly recognised the characters and got involved in the plot and felt free enough to jeer (at the mayor) and hoot (at his pretentious wife) and generally comment on the parade of corrupt and incompetent characters!” - Member of OW! Theatre Lab
“Residents were a wonderfully expressive addition to the show and their engagement was much appreciated by the actors. Before we left these three ladies had a little singsong with two of our cast!” - Member of OW! Theatre Lab

Throughout the winter months OW! Theatre Lab has been touring ‘A Silver Star; an AlterNativity!’. In 2024 they will be returning with new material. Theatre at Home has toured OW! Theatre Lab’ productions across a range of care settings and community centres in London.

Interested in partnership?

We are always looking for new partners to work with.

If you are a theatre group interested in volunteering and hosting a production at one of our care settings, or are a care provider interested in welcoming theatre into your home, please contact our Community programme manager, Phoebe Grudzinskas: