Participate to Arts & Audiences Now! on December 12 at the Institut de France


As part of the fourth edition of the Art Explora - Académie des beaux-arts European award, and in partnership with NewsTank Culture, the foundation is inviting you to its second international event, Arts and Audiences Now!  

Aimed at highlighting contemporary issues related to audience participation, this major event will be an opportunity to share innovative practices for the renewal of the dialogue between the arts and audiences.  

This event is free and open to all but registration is mandatory.


On the agenda:

• 6:30PM : Round-table discussion “Cultural connections: what is the role of arts and culture in building social cohesion?”

Is culture a critical factor of socialcohesion when society is losing its bearings? When social and educationalaction as well as institutions have done all they could, should we call onculture, artists and cultural organisations to build the bonds in our society?

Culture cannot be instrumentalised: it isneither an alternative nor a rescue plan. It is a fundamental element,unfortunately all too often overlooked. It is the cement of each and everycommunity, the building block of social ties based on shared values.

It's true that art is thought-provoking,raises questions and sometimes challenges certainties, appearances and theestablished order. But because it develops critical awareness and fostersattention to others and their environment, it awakens and encourages autonomy,and that is the very substance of its “added value”: individual empowerment andcollective empowerment go hand in hand.

The many initiatives and projectsundertaken by artists and cultural leaders bear witness to this empowerment,better than any words ever could. For example, cultural activities inunderprivileged neighbourhoods or rural areas, intercultural dialogue and theintegration of immigrant communities, building connections with people in prisonor in situations of social exclusion – examples abound – build a case for theirrelevance and effectiveness on their beneficiaries, whether they are a minoritygroup or not.

However, the value of culture goes farbeyond so-called “target” populations – it concerns the whole of society. Individualwithdrawal, inequality and populist temptations can sometimes be perceived asremedies for the ills of today, but in fact they only accentuate the divisions.Society needs the creative talents of culture and our exceptional heritage tokeep itself alive, as well as to appease conflicts and successfully address coreissues, both ecological and digital.

Yes, culture is more essential than ever.

• 7:30PM : 2023 Art Explora - Académie des beaux-arts European Award Ceremony

Open to all European cultural organisations, from all artistic sectors, the European award supports innovative practices in access, participation and audience engagement that can be shared across Europe.

19 innovative projects were pre-selected by a jury of foundation volunteers, divided into 3 categories according to their annual income. For the Art Explora - Académie des beaux-arts European Award, 3 prizes of €50,000 each and 1 Audience Choice Award of €10,000 will be given to support and stimulate best practices in audience engagement, participation and access to arts and culture across Europe.  

The presentation of the European prize will be hosted by Frédéric Jousset, founder of Art Explora, and Laurent Petitgirard, composer and permanent secretary of the Académie des beaux-arts.  

• 8:00PM : Drinks and canapés

Practical informations:

December 12 2023  

6:30PM - 9:30PM

Institut de France, Paris