The exhibition In the banlieues by Oakland Saint-Denis

Yann Mambert

Aligned with its mission of sharing arts and culture with as many people as possible, Art Explora wants to works with Saint Denis territory and to offer new points f view and dialogue opportunities thanks to arts and culture. The foundation collaborates with the exhibition In the Banlieues by Oakland - Saint Denis and curated by scientifiques Laure Gayet (Légendes Urbaines) and June A. Grant (blinkLAB architecture).

Yann Mambert

The exhibition highlights the symbolic reversal of the center and the periphery through an exploration of how Oakland and Saint-Denis are building their own influence by inventing solutions to urban challenges through forging community solidarity, social justice, urban innovation, and artistic intervention.

In the Banlieues/Centering the Margin reinterprets the critical moments in the history of Oakland and Saint-Denis and illustrates their contribution to current urban planning practices through storytelling. The exhibition shines light on those who challenge social norms, forge connections, speak for those who are rarely heard, and celebrate spaces and models of cooperation that summon sensitivity to build spaces on a human scale.

Yann Mambert

Co-produced by Villa Albertine San Francisco, a new cultural institution dedicated to the exchange of arts and ideas between France and the US, and California Humanities, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to building connections through the public humanities, this exhibition seeks to deepen cultural relations between the two countries.

To date this cross-cultural collaboration has resulted in a short documentary, Empowering Culture in our Cities, filmed in both cities about the place of culture in cities on the margins, as well as a publication, Translating Cities and Cultures. Starting in the summer of 2022, the program will stage public exhibitions and programs around several key moments, guided by a multidisciplinary committee composed of artists, academics, political leaders, and urban planners.


In the Banlieues/Centering the Margin: Oakland/Saint-Denis, the first in a series of international exhibitions exploring arts and humanities, urbanism and placemaking in France and the United States, opennedon June 15, 2022, at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris. It will be hosted in different exhibition places:

In France:

• Pavillon de l’Arsenal from June 16 to August 28 2022

Visits duration: 1h - 1h30
Inscriptions and info on eand

• Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord from September 17 to December 2022 
• Espaces publics de Saint-Denis and other locations in Seine-Saint-Denis during fall 2022

In California:

• SPUR, Agence urbaine de la baie de San Francisco from July 21 to November
• Different locations in ’Oakland as of August 2022 (work inprogress)

This program is co-produced by Villa Albertine San Francisco and California Humanities, with le Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, SPUR, San Francisco, and la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord, with the support of the foundation 836M, the foundation Art Explora, l’Institut Français, in collaboration with the cities of Oakland and Saint-Denis and the support of Arte.

Yann Mambert