News of the Art Explora volunteer mission “Immersive Mona Lisa” in Marseille!


Two Art Explora volunteers have built a cultural project with two Marseille associations: the Maison des Familles des Buissonets and Le Rocher, both located in the northern districts of the city. 

These organisations share similar missions to bring families together and establish meaningful relationships. 

They welcomed our volunteers for an informal preparatory meeting over a coffee, then a meeting took place at the Palais de Bourse to discover the temporary exhibition of "the immersive Mona Lisa". Following the visit of the exhibition, the next visit consisted in a workshop bringing together the experiences put together by the volunteers. 

This mission is at the heart of the ambition of the volunteer community of Art Explora, which relies on the power of art to fight against all forms of isolation, social and geographical exclusion. Everyone can get involved close to home to create links through arts and culture! 


Thanks to Delphine et Bénédicte for carrying out this mission and to all the foundation's volunteers, who make it possible to act as closely as possible with all kind of public, in all regions!!