Hangar Y in Meudon preopened its doors on 20-23 October


Get a preview of Hangar Y and its artistic programming before its official opening in 2023.

The first airship hangar in the world, Hangar Y, was built in 1879 by reusing part of the structure of the Grande Galerie des Machines (Great Hall of Machines) from the 1878 Universal Exhibition. After lying abandoned for 70 years, Hangar Y will officially open its doors in 2023 to become a cultural and events venue, following many months of work. This place will therefore become a monumental space open to all: families, art, science and nature lovers.  

Art Explora will hold an exhibition there 6 months a year, and will also work in collaboration with schools and associations. Focusing on both arts and sciences, Hangar Y artistic programming will aim at renewing the dialogue between the arts and the public. The programming will be based on contemporary art and the new challenges of our century, bringing continuity to the centenary history of the hangar.  

To start unveiling its cultural offering, Hangar Y has invited the Art Explora foundation to develop a multidisciplinary, participatory, and inclusive programme during 4 days.

All activities were offered for free and with open access.

Yoann Bourgeois, crédit photo: TLMALP, Salvador Banyo

A look back at the programme:   

  • The Hangar Y inauguration evening, on Thursday October 20th with KeiyAa, Agoria and Carl Craig DJ sets. 
  • Choreographic performances by artists Yoann Bourgeois and Marie Bourgeois. These performances were held inside and outside the building. 
  • The exhibition by 10 young artists 
  • The video restitution of workshops, in partnership with Thanks for Nothing and major artists from the contemporary scene. 
  • The inauguration of the permanent work of art by Korean artist Lee Bul, an artwork in tribute to the aeronautical history of the hangar, entitled Willing To Be Vulnerable – Metalized Balloon V5.
  • The “Lumières” [Lights] exhibition, presented by the Musée Mobile MuMo x Centre Pompidou, bringing together around ten modern and contemporary works of art created by artists such as Constantin Brancusi, Delphine Reist, Raoul Dufy and Ossip Zadkine.
  • Guided tours presenting Hangar Y and tracing its history.  

Art Explora x Artagon residency, photo credit: Salvador Banyo
Art Explora x Artagon residency, photo credit: Salvador Banyo
Art Explora x Artagon residency, photo credit: Salvador Banyo
Lee Bul, Willing To Be Vulnerable Metallized Balloon V5, photo credit: Salvador Banyo
Musée Mobile MuMo
Musée Mobile MuMo, Photo credit: Salvador Banyo
Guided tours, photo credit: Salvador Banyo