Art in hospitals for every child, from disability to inclusion


The Art Explora foundation and the It is Now association join forces to distribute digital art in hospitals in order to support children with a handicap through a playful, interactive, and generative device that is accessible to all.

Art Explora and It is Now use new technologies that make new interactions possible between digital artwork and children, regardless of their disability.

Our mission

Work with digital artists to produce interactive and inclusive works which are then installed in children’s hospitals as well as in institutes for children with disabilities.

These digital installations provide an immersive experience by immediately invoking creativity, curiosity, and interactions.

Our 5 ongoing projects

Since 2020, Danny Rose’s «Reflections» has taken center stage in the atrium of Necker’s Imagine Institute, which treats more than 30,000 children every year.

The success of this project has been highlighted by the medical teams, and has prompted us to take our approach even further.

We have the obligation to unite the energies of all contributors - of which the energies of the artistic contributors are a part - to go beyond regular health care and contribute to improving the life of the patients.

Laure Boquet, General Delegate of Necker


In 2023, the same work was installed in the lobby of the Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant in Lyon, where over 80,000 children are treated each year.

That same year, Antonin Fourneau's digital work "Sonoscriptum" was installed in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés to mark the opening of the Village des Enfants Extraordinaires, an innovative center that welcomes over 1,000 disabled children and their families every year.

The digital work "Hors du temps" is installed at the Centre Robert Doisneau (Paris XVIII), created by artists Mouawad/Laurier. The center includes an Institut Medico Educatif (IME), a SESSAD, a FAM, a MAS, a CAJM and an Ehpad for 300 residents and their families.

In 2023, we also carried out the first project in Spain, at Barcelona's largest children's hospital, Hôpital Sant Joan de Deu, which cares for 250,000 children every year. The digital work "Hors du temps" by Mouawad/Laurier was installed on the Palliative Care/Chronic Illness floor.

Our 5 projects for 2024 :

  • Hôpital Pellegrin at Bordeaux University Hospital
  • Toulouse University Hospital
  • Saint-Pierre Institute
  • Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis
  • King’s College Hospital in London


Our ambitions, your support

At the crossroads of art and technology, the devices conceived by It is Now and Art Explora provide a real contribution for children and families dealing with disabilities.

We have the ambition to support this vulnerable public by installing 25 interactive artworks in hospitals by 2027.

Each artwork is made to order by a contemporary artist specialised in digital art.

Your support is essential to help us offer a moment of joy and inclusion to sick children, children with disabilities and their families.

How can you support us?


You are a company:

By becoming a patron, you will be able to send a strong message to your employees and customers in line with your CSR approach. With your support, you will help sick and disabled children enjoy an artistic experience together, bringing a touch of creativity to the hospital.

 You are a private individual:

Your donation is eligible for tax deduction and contributes to a cause of general interest, the inclusion of children with disabilities.

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It is Now, created in February 2020, is a French association whose mission is to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities.