Art in hospital for all children


The ArtExplora Foundation and the association It is Now have joined forces to disseminate digital art in hospitals to support children with disabilities through a playful, interactive, generative, and accessible device.

Art Explora and It is Now rely on new technologies to allow new encounters between digital artworks and children, whatever their disability.

Our mission :

We are working with digital artists to create interactive and inclusive works, which are then installed in children's hospitals and institutes for children with disabilities.

These digital installations offer an immersive journey, instantly sparking creativity, curiosity, and interaction. Using light and sound effects, these art installations create a stimulating yet soothing environment and offer an artistic, playful, and inclusive experience.

 Completed projects and impacts:

In early 2020, we installed an interactive digital artwork in the atrium of Necker's Imagine Institute, which receives more than 30,000 children annually.

The medical teams highlighted this device's success and pushed us to go further in our approach.

"We are convinced that therapeutics does not sum up the solutions that we must provide to patients. We must federate contributing energies, and artistic energies are part of this, to go beyond care and improve patients' lives.”

Laure Boquet, General Delegate of Necker


2022 was an important year for the development of this challenging project:

  • In August, we installed a digital work in the lobby of the Hospital Femme Mère Enfant in Lyon, where more than 80,000 children are admitted each year.
  • In October, we set up a digital work in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés for the opening of the Village des Enfants Extraordinaires, an innovative center dedicated to children with disabilities and their families.


Our ambitions, your support:

At the crossroads of art and technology, the devices imagined by It is Now and Art Explora make a real contribution to children and families with disabilities..

We aim to accompany this vulnerable public in France by installing 30 interactive works in as many hospitals or reception centers by 2025.

Each work is commissioned from a contemporary artist specializing in digital art..

Your support is essential to allow us to offer a moment of lightness and inclusion to children in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, or Nantes and Montpellier.


How to support us?


- If you are company:

By becoming a sponsor, you can send a strong message to your employees and customers in line with your CSR approach. By sponsoring digital artists, you will allow sick or disabled children to live an artistic experience together by bringing a creative breath to the hospital.

 - If you are an individual:

Your donation is eligible for tax deductions in France, UK and the USA, and contributes to a cause of general interest: the inclusion of children with disabilities.


Created in February 2020, It is Now is a French association whose mission is to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities.