Art Explora supports the Prado Museum's "Deslizar" program


"Deslizar" is a program implemented by the Prado Museum to develop educational innovation through art.

It was an unprecedented experience in Spain. As an example of good practice, it inspired the new law promoted by the Madrid Assembly to support arts education in schools. 

The program was based on 4 pillars:

1- A co-creation community for and with children

Professionals from different fields (teachers, museum mediators and artists) working together as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration.

2- Innovation laboratory

Research and test new ways of working in the fields of art, education and technology. Introduce the arts to schools as a methodology, not just as a subject or topic.

3- More than an artists-in-school program

Each tool has been tailored to a specific group of students, taking into account their academic and extracurricular needs.

4- More than just teacher training

Capitalize on the knowledge and voice of teachers in public schools with active participation.

"Deslizar gives us teachers tools to offer our students the best framework for building themselves: art as a capacity not only to observe, understand and transform reality, but also to express themselves...Art education must give children wings, but they also need roots to have a home to come back to in times of need. The Prado Museum is the home that offers us these roots... Its collections take us back to our origins, to an understanding of our society, our history, of who we really are... It opens our eyes to the sensitivity and socio-cultural awareness of what life was and what we want it to be in the future..."

Luz Martín, first grade teacher at the Giner de los Ríos school.