In the banlieues exhibition by the Oakland Saint-Denis collective

Yann Mambert

In keeping with its mission to share with as many people as possible, Art Explora is committed to working with the arts and culture in the Saint Denis area to open up viewpoints, bring people together and share experiences. The foundation has thus chosen to support the exhibition In the Banlieues by the Oakland - Saint Denis collective and the scientific curators Laure Gayet (Légendes Urbaines) and June A. Grant (blinkLAB architecture).

Yann Mambert

Whatever you call them - suburbs, peripheries, suburbs, urban bangs... this exhibition highlights the symbolic reversal from center to periphery. Artistic movements, social struggles, urban innovations: the suburbs of Oakland, California and Saint-Denis are today imposing their influence and inventing solutions to the challenges of poverty and accelerated urban development facing metropolises.

Combining urban, artistic and social approaches, the In the Banlieues event retraces the key moments in the history of the two cities and reveals, through concrete experiences and illustrated stories, their contributions to current urban planning practices.

Yann Mambert

Agitators of ideas, creators of links, spokespersons for those who are seldom heard, revelators of spaces and models of cooperation, the players in these territories summon the senses to build spaces on a human scale.

Presented simultaneously in Paris, Saint-Denis, San Francisco and Oakland, and co-produced by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris and the SPUR urban agency in San Francisco, the In the Banlieues event brings together artists, urban planners, entrepreneurs and researchers to observe how cities are made in France and California. They share the same conviction: cities must be written collectively.

June 15 to December 31, 2022

In the Banlieues is presented simultaneously in Paris, Saint-Denis, San Francisco and Oakland, in co-production with the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris and the urban agency SPUR in San Francisco with numerous associated events:

In France:

- Pavillon de l'Arsenal from June 16 to August 28, 2022

Tour duration: 1h - 1h30
Registration and information at and

- Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord from September 17 to December 2022
- Public spaces in Saint-Denis and other locations in Seine-Saint-Denis in autumn 2022

In California:

- SPUR, San Francisco Bay Area Urban Agency from July 21 to November 2022
- Iconic and cultural sites in Oakland from August 2022 (program in progress).

This program is co-produced by Villa Albertine San Francisco and California Humanities, with Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris, SPUR, San Francisco, and Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord, with the support of fondation 836M, Art Explora Foundation, Institut Français, in collaboration with the cities of Oakland and Saint-Denis and the complicity of Arte.

Yann Mambert