Hangar Y has teamed up with The Art Explora Foundation and Oasis Immersion to unveil a European exclusive, an immersive digital exhibition inspired by the Recharger/Unwind exhibition presented in Montreal.

Presented for the first time in Europe, the RECHARGER exhibition offers an immersive wellness experience that harnesses the power of audiovisual installations, offering different segments of generative digital art and powerful soundtracks to help visitors relax and recharge as they explore an imaginary world. The experience will be offered at Hangar Y in a unique high-resolution LED space, the fruit of many months of research, developed especially for the Festival's museum boat Art Explora , which will be inaugurated in Marseille in June 2024.

"RECHARGER isfirst and foremost a sensory journey that feels good.The experience is designed to offer visitors a moment of relaxation that is both stimulating and soothing. It's a unique opportunity to experience the generative digital arts in an almost therapeutic mode. The tour immerses visitors in a spectacularly fascinating sonic and visual universe that pushes the limits of the language of immersion and proves to be an ideal remedy for the realities of our time." Denys Lavigne, President and co-founder, OASIS immersion

RECHARGE is a positive, comforting experience. The experience comprises conceptual pillars (RELAXATION, ENERGIZATION, RECONNECTION AND STIMULATION) that visitors will discover through five immersive works:

Photo : Ayka Lux / Say Who
  • RELAXATION - Collective waves‍

This work is part of the first chapter dedicated to relaxation. During this experience, visitors are invited to plunge into the state of individual attentive presence, guided by directed attention sessions. The ultimate goal of this immersion is to encourage collective attentive presence. The essence of this experience transcends mere aesthetic pleasure to become rooted in concrete benefits, promoting stress management, anxiety prevention and increased general well-being.

Photo : Ayka Lux / Say Who
  • ENERGISATION - Horizon by Alex Le Guillou

Horizon is an immersive audiovisual experience that explores the way we perceive reality and the representation of dreams and memories. Between order and chaos, movements of elementary particles compose different images that intertwine and blend to form abstract landscapes and natural phenomena inspired by the sky and sea.

Music: Jonathan Fitas

  • STIMULATION - Petals by Yoshi Sodeoka

Petals is an audio-reactive generative video created using Yoshi Sodeoka's unique video feedback technique. The music is composed by one of his main collaborators, Brazilian music producer MYMK, aka Bruno Sres. The piece is based on Yoshi Sodeoka's video work Suntalk, created in 2018 with music also composed by MYMK.

Music: MYMK alias Bruno Sres

Photo : Ayka Lux / Say Who
  • RECONNECTION - Quiet Pond by Odaibe

The Quiet Pond is a metaphor for the comfort zone, one of the three psychic states that define our human condition (comfort zone, growth zone and panic zone). These days, most motivational coaches agree that you need to get out of your comfort zone. But is it always that simple? It's an individual decision, and everyone should think about it in a contemplative atmosphere. The spatial presentation gives an insight into primitive instincts such as fear or anxiety, deeply rooted in our contact with nature, and the ambition of the human need to explore.

Music: Paweł Galecki / Sound Design: Andrzej Koper

Photo : Ayka Lux / Say Who
  • RECONNEXION - Recursive reflections by Julius Horsthuis

Julius Horsthuis uses mathematics and infinite geometric patterns to create mind-bending films that take our imagination on a journey. In a fractal reality, Julius Horsthuis is a bit like a filmmaker or photographer: he moves in a world that already exists, and it's up to him to find the right fractal angle.

Music: David Levy


This unique room, covered with high-resolution LED screens (pitch 1.5) on the walls and ceiling, measures 16 by 6 metres. Far beyond what can be achieved with video projection, LEDs offer a high-definition show in which chromatic richness meets the quality of black and contrast. Saturation, vibrance, fidelity, dynamics, luminosity... are at the cutting edge of today's possibilities, enabling an immersive, high-quality experience, even at relatively close range.

This technology has been developed for the Festival Art Explora, a traveling festival that will be criss-crossing the Mediterranean from spring 2024 with its museum boat, offering innovative artistic and cultural experiences with free access. Inside the museum boat, in the same space as the one presented at Hangar Y, visitors will be able to discover the "Présentes" exhibition. Created in collaboration with the Musée du Louvre, this exhibition will explore the role and representation of female figures in the Mediterranean world, through an educational and sensory experience...


Full price: €13
Students, under-26s, recipients of minimum social benefits, minimum old-age pension, and people with disabilities +1 accompanying adult: €11
Children under 6: €7
Family pack (2 children, 2 adults): €36


11am - 5pm weekdays
10am - 6pm weekends

The Recharger installation is located in the park, near the Hangar Y.

Immersive exhibition in Montreal | Oasis Immersion

TheOASIS immersiongroup is an entertainment entity specializing in the creation, broadcast and distribution of immersive experiences developed according to industry best practices. Housed in a 2,200 m2 high-performance multimedia environment, theOASIS immersionspace in Montreal is located on the first floor of the Palais des congrès, in the heart of downtown Montreal.  

The team is made up of a group of digital media specialists who have been involved in producing best-in-class immersive experiences for major brands, entertainment destinations and creative companies. Its subsidiary, OASIS Immersive Studios, has produced and broadcast 5 exhibitions that have attracted nearly 400,000 visitors. Its latest creation, SWEET FOLIE, was launched in early July 2023.


A cultural destination at the crossroads of the arts, science and nature, it is accessible to all. Since its opening in March 2023, over 140,000 people have visited the 10-hectare park and our cultural program. The Hangar Y is an extraordinary place, with its historic building, an emblem of late 19th-century industrial architecture, surrounded by a 10-hectare park. Each year, two exhibitions, conceived by guest curators and the Hangar Y team, give a new dimension to the rich past of this historic building, between dreams of flight, desire for adventure and celestial fascination.

The wonder continues in the open air, in the park, where the public is guided through a trail of works of art around the pond. Conceived as a poetic interlude, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can take the time to explore, be surprised and stroll close to nature. Echoing the themes of its exhibitions, the history of the site and its various assets, each season HangarY programs a series of get-togethers, workshops and activities for children and families.

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