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Art Explora Academy : the online art history discovery platform

Discover the first ever online free platform dedicated to learning the history of art and leading to a certificate validated by Sorbonne University.

Available in French and English, and designed for use on a computer, mobile or tablet, Art Explora Academy offers 11 original courses and a media library offering a range of video and audio content hosted on the platform to delve further into the key concepts of art history.

The 11 courses:

These 11 courses, with the innovative micro-learning approach, were designed with professors from the Sorbonne University Art History department.

The 11 courses:

  • Asian arts
  • Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • Islamic arts
  • African arts
  • Arts from the Americas
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Art in the Middle Ages
  • The Renaissance and the Enlightenment
  • 19th century art
  • Modern art in tge 20th century
  • Contemporary art

Each course will be made up of 4 parts, offering an experience that lasts approximately 40 minutes. Users can stop and restart as they please, in order to progress at their own pace.

Each part has the following structure:

  • an introduction to the topic in a short video
  • a sequence of 5 to 7 key points (text + visual format)
  • a practice quiz, in order to assimilate the concepts dealt with
  • a suggestion of videos and podcasts from the media library to watch / listen to in order to go into more detail in the concepts dealt with

A big quiz of 12 questions then concludes each course.Once the badges for the 11 courses have been obtained, the user is awarded their Art Explora certificate validated by Sorbonne-University.

In about 8 hours of micro-learning, it is therefore possible to master the main concepts of art history.

The media library:

More than 1000 video and podcast features are offered on Art Explora Academy and the library will continue to refresh them, in particular with new programmes of whichArt Explora will be co-producer.

For its launch, Art Explora offers a highly original first programme: Ô detail !, a series of 10 videos co-produced with Summum 3D, an agency specialising in the 3D digitalisation of works of art, and Camille Jouneaux, founder of La Minute Culture. Based on images in which we can contemplate a work in its finest detail, the voice of Camille Jouneaux guides us in its discovery. This programme has also had the support of CNC.

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