The ARTEXPLORER films in Dubai

The panoramic film broadcast behind the model was created to explain the concept of this travelling museum boat, roaming the world’s seas to meet with people and offer digital exhibition formats. The itineraries and exhibition themes are illustrative. The different itineraries were chosen to show our capacity and desire to go around the world; the themes were chosen to illustrate key topics in the history of world art, all in keeping with the World Expo’s themed weeks.

Northern Europe itinerary:

Le Havre (France), Brighton (England), London (England), Ostend (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Kristiansand (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Gdansk (Poland), Stockholm (Sweden), Riga (Latvia)

Digital exhibition:

Crossing bridges, sharing art. 

The Northern Europe itinerary is illustrated by an exemplary selection of some twenty works entitled “Crossing bridges, sharing art". The bridge is examined as a marker of growing urbanisation but also as a symbol of exchange and relations between people, a bridge for the arts and culture. 

The selection focuses on the representation of the bridge in the history of Western art, from the late Middle Ages to the present day. Painted, sculpted or performed works have been chosen for their aesthetic qualities and historical significance, relating to the geographical and institutional context of the itinerary in question. Their sequence in the video refers us to the symbolic dimensions of this engineering structure, whose functions have been embraced by societies everywhere and always, designing infrastructures adapted to their needs and territories. ‍

Themed week relating to this itinerary: 

WORLD CITIES Designing tomorrow's sustainable cities and territories by promoting resilient infrastructure 29.10.2021 - 11.11.2021 

PEACE Advancing peace, justice and security 12.11.2021 - 25.11.2021

Americas itinerary:

Miami (USA), Cap Haïtien (Haiti), Mayaguez (Puerto Rico), Marigot (Saint Martin), Gustavia (Saint Barthélémy), Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe), Fort-de-France (Martinique), Cartagena (Colombia), Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago), Georgetown(Guyana), Paramaribo (Suriname), Cayenne (Guyana)

Digital exhibition

Wildlife and artists

The French Overseas and Americas itinerary is illustrated by an exemplary selection of some twenty works entitled “Images brought to life: wildlife and artists". The bestiary is described here both as an essential component of living ecosystems and a medium of symbolic projection for artists. Singular conceptions of nature and of the relationship between man and animal over the centuries are inscribed like watermarks in these mediums. 

The selection presents works from prehistoric times to the present day on the theme of the bestiary and covers, in chronological order, works from the Amazonian, pre-Columbian and Caribbean peoples, and later from America and Europe. At a time when art history continues its process of globalisation, this selection is also the result of an attempt to decentralise viewpoints, so as to experience the works from geographically situated contexts. In this perspective, the symbolic and formal exchanges taking place on the American continent are addressed in the second part of the selection, with a focus on modern and contemporary practices.

Themed week relating to this itinerary: 

BIODIVERSITY : Preserving and restoring biodiversity 01.10.2021 - 14.10.2021

Mediterranean itinerary:

Marseille (France), Tunis (Tunisia), Valletta (Malta), Syracuse (Italy), Venice (Italy), Athens (Greece), Izmir (Turkey), Istanbul (Turkey), Rhodes (Greece), Alexandria (Egypt)


Stories of gardens in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean itinerary is illustrated by a selection of some twenty works entitled “Des histoires de jardins, en Méditerranée” [Stories of gardens in the Mediterranean. The garden is examined both as a universal testimony to the territorial development of the Mediterranean and as a cultural marker specific to each people, the result of aesthetic and philosophical conceptions of nature.

The theme is based on images drawn from art history, from antiquity to the present day, representing landscaped natural spaces and highlighting sculptures of gods and goddesses who have embodied, through legendary stories, human activity linked to agriculture and nature management. The succession of works thus proposes an imaginary journey through time and space, from the Mediterranean as a location imbued with the great founding stories of four world-cultures: Latin, Arab-Muslim, Jewish and Orthodox.

West and Central Africa itinerary

Rabat (Morocco), Agadir (Morocco), Saint-Louis (Senegal), Dakar (Senegal), Conakry (Guinea), San Pedro (Ivory Coast), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Takoradi (Ghana), Accra (Ghana), Cotonou (Benin), Douala (Cameroon), Libreville (Gabon)

Digital exhibition

Contemporary art at the time of World-Africa

The West and Central Africa itinerary is illustrated by a selection of some twenty works entitled “Contemporary art at the time of World-Africa. This approach, developed by “Les ateliers de la pensée”, which met in Dakar in 2016 upon the initiative of Achille Mbenbé and Felwine Sarr, reintegrates the entire wealth of thinking from Africa and the diaspora that has accompanied populations in their movements and interactions throughout the world.

The selection alternates between works by artists who grew up and studied on the African continent (and in West Africa in particular), some of whom still live and work there, while others have left. Artists from the 1980s who left the region and only rarely return, and younger artists who mostly live between two regions and whose physical and symbolic journeys between Africa and elsewhere fuel their thoughts and works. Plus, artists born elsewhere, living and working in their own country but whose gaze is drawn to Africa, enriched by a shared history, a desire to understand and a future to imagine. 

Middle East and Asia route

Dammam (Saudi Arabia), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Muscat (Oman), Karachi (Pakistan), Mumbai (India), Penang (Malaysia), Singapore (Singapore), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Haikou (China), Hong Kong (China)

Digital exhibition :

Château de Versailles, a jewel of world heritage

The Middle East and Asia route is illustrated by videos provided by the Château de Versailles. 

This exhibition presents the iconic places of the Château domain, from the marble courtyard to the Hall of Mirrors, via the gardens and the groves.

Produced in collaboration with Château de Versailles

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