The museum-truck MuMo x Centre Pompidou powered by Art Explora

Art Explora, in partnership with the Centre Pompidou and the MuMo association, launched a new mobile museum that hit the roads of France in 2022 to reach out to all kinds of audiences. Since then, works of modern and contemporary art travel to several regions and villages in France, through two annual thematic exhibitions.

In 2022, the mobile museum travelled during 23 weeks with 2 exhibitions and will start a new tour in March 2023.

The MuMo x Centre Pompidou museum-truck

The truck was designed by Hérault Arnod Architectures in collaboration with the artist Krijn de Koning.

This collaboration leaves plenty of room for the works on display. The truck has been designed as a multifunctional tool, simple and adaptable to different uses around three spaces: the loggia, the exhibition room and the alcove.

The loggia opens outwards like a theatre stage to welcome the public. The exhibition room is the heart of the system, a refined space in which the technical elements are hidden in order to avoid visual disturbances in front of the works. The alcove is the raised space that extends the exhibition room. It can be a projection room with seating, a place for sculptures or a work of art in itself, imagined by Krijn de Koning.

The 2023 tour

First exhibition from 20 March to June 17

Musique ! Musique !

© Adagp, Paris 2023 - Crédit photog : Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI/Philippe Migeat/Dist. RMN-GP

The mobile museum MuMo x Centre Pompidou started its 3rd tour and is now driving through the Seine-et-Marne, the Yvelines, the Essonne, the Val de Marne and the Val d’Oise with the exhibition Musique ! Musique ! curated by Christian Briend, curator in the modern collections department of the Centre Pompidou.

Music has always inspired artists and other artistic disciplines but this dialogue was probably the strongest in the 20th century. Musique ! Musique ! shows artworks such as photography, paintings or collages representing music. It reminds that Modern Art was born from matches between shapes and sounds.

With about 15 works from the Centre Pompidou collection, the exhibition is an invitation to learn more about how artists get inspired by music. 

The tour:

  • 20/03 - 24/03 : Boutigny-sur-Essonne (91)
  • 27/03 - 29/03 : Bréval (78)
  • 30/03 - 31/03 : Bonnières-sur-Seine (78)
  • 03 - 05/03 : Collège François Mauriac à Houdan (78)
  • 06 - 07/04 : Collège Georges Pompidou à Orgerus (78)
  • 11 - 12/04 : Magny-en-Vexin dans la CC. Vexin Val de Seine (95)
  • 13 - 15/04 : Bray-et-Lû dans la CC. Vexin Val de Seine (95)
  • 17 - 19/04 : Rebais dans la CC. Des Deux Morins (77)
  • 20 - 21/04 : Jouy-sur-Morin dans la CC. des Deux Morin (77)
  • 24/04 - 25/04 : Montsoult dans la CC. Carnelle Pays de France (95)
  • 26/04 - 28/04 : Viarmes dans la CC. Carnelle Pays de France (95)
  • 01/05 - 05/05 : Sartrouville (78)
  • 09/05 - 13/05 : Massy (91)
  • 15/05 - 19/05 : Valenton (94)
  • 22/05 - 27/05 : Lardy dans la CC. Entre Juine et Renarde (91)
  • 29/05 : Hôpital des Enfants Malades de Margency dans la CA. Plaine Vallée (95)
  • 30/05 - 31/05 : Domont dans la CA. Plaine Vallée (95)
  • 01/06 - 02/06 : Soisy-sous-Montmorency dans la CA. Plaine Vallée (95)
  • 05/06 - 06/06 : Verneuil-L’Etang dans la CC. de la Brie Nangissienne (77)
  • 07 - 08/06 and 10/06 : Mormant dans la CC. de la Brie Nangissienne (77)
  • 09/06 : Domaine national de Saint Cloud à l’occasion du Mouvement des Régies (92)
  • 12 - 13/06 : La Chapelle-Gauthier dans la CC. de la Brie Nangissienne (77)
  • 14 - 17/06 : Nangis dans la CC. de la Brie Nangissienne (77)

The 2022 tours

The first tour of the museum truck began in Massy, for its inauguration on 25 June 2022. Since then, it has travelled the roads of France, from Essonne to Finistère, with two successive exhibitions.

2022 in numbers:

  • 2 tours
  • 2 exhibitions by the Centre Pompidou,
  • 23 weeks on the roads
  • 48 stops
  • 41 cities
  • 12 departments
  • 15 800 visitors (54% children et 46% adults),
  • 137 teachers

Inauguration of the museum-truck at Massy. Credit: Centre Pompidou, Hervé Véronèse

The first exhibition from June 25th to September 3rd, 2022 

Credit: Matthieu Salvaing

Animals come out of their reserve

22 works from the Centre Pompidou's collection are brought out of the museum's storerooms to meet the public.

This exhibition invites the humorous and poetic imagination that responds to man's attachment to animals, as they have always been intimately linked.

The second exhibition from September to December 2022 

Credit: Léa Guintrand


14 works in various techniques, ranging from the 1920s to the present day, represent light in all its states.  

Without light, there can be no painting, no sculpture, no photography or film: light is above all the condition of possibility of the works offered to the eye. This exhibition traces the artists' relationship with light, which they have been studying and painting for a long time.  

The exhibition extended with the Art Explora podcasts

To extend the exhibitions with additional content available on Art Explora Academy, Art Explora approached Lacmé to co-produce 2 series of podcasts for children, each of them consisting of 4 episodes of about 10 minutes each.

Each episode is based on a text written for the occasion by a different author. Texts are interpreted by voices from the Comédie française. Each episode is freely inspired by a work in the exhibition. All podcast episodes are in French.

The podcast inspired by the exhibition "The animals come out of their reserve" is entitled "Bestiaire Imaginaire"

The podcast inspired by the exhibition "Light" is entitled "Et la lumière fut"

Origins of the project

To mark the 10th anniversary of MuMo and the 45th anniversary of the Centre Pompidou, the two entities have joined forces to design this new museum truck that will travel the roads of France to meet inhabitants, with works from the Centre Pompidou's modern and contemporary art collection on board.

The Art Explora Foundation, convinced that mobility is a powerful lever for sharing art and culture with the greatest number of people, has joined the project. It contributes financially to the construction of the new museum truck, participates in the artistic programming of the truck's major events and develops additional content to extend the experience of the visit through its Art Explora Academy platform.

The MuMo

The MuMo (mobile museum) was founded in 2011 by Ingrid Brochard to make modern and contemporary art accessible to those who live far from it. Schools and structures in the social and medico-social field (retirement homes, social centers, children’s homes, etc.) but also families and all the inhabitants of the towns and villages crossed by the MuMo can therefore take advantage of an exhibition and discovery workshops near their homes.

Since 2011:

  • 150 000 visitors met through 7 countries in Europe and Africa
  • 50 % of the children who were taken in had never been to a museum before
  • 50% of stops in villages of less than 2,000 inhabitants or in Urban Policy Districts
«This is the magic of the MuMo: bringing together people for whom art is an unsuspected meeting point.»

Ingrid Brochard, Founder of MuMo

The Centre Pompidou involvement

True to its spirit of openness and its desire to make culture and creation accessible to as many people as possible, the Centre Pompidou is developing numerous projects outside its walls.

The project carried out with MuMo and Art Explora is part of this desire to reach out to the public in the region, initially in the Ile-de-France region with an opening in Massy and then more widely in France.

"We have been interested in this project from the start, a little over 10 years ago. The MuMo is eagerly awaited and the Centre Pompidou is very happy to be able to show some works from its collection."

Laurent Le Bon, President of the Centre Pompidou

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