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Breathings of the moon by Leonor Serrano Rivas and Diego Delas, 2022 The sun does not rise in the north by Mónica de Miranda, 2023

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Breathings of the moon by Leonor Serrano Rivas and Diego Delas, 2022 


16 min 21 sec 

Commissioned by TBA21-Academy with the support of STARTS, a European Commission initiative.

Breathings of the moon stems from the homonymous performance and expedition work anchored into the underwater worlds of the Venice Lagoon and its canals. Inspired by the work of 17th scholar Athanasius Kircher, the film highlights the struggles of defining the world that we live in after the eruption of the climate crisis. To respond the Venice Lagoon’s challenges, the film places the water at its core, insinuating its own agency, its breathings, movements, and multiples tides by a recreated lagoon affected by magnets and pigments in a small tank as a microcosm. The artists lean towards the potential of narratives, the role of fiction, and even magic to construct an implosion of imaginaries beyond data to conceive a world that we cannot stop to perceive by attuning to the multiplicity of bodies and breathing cycles decentering the human body and redefining the position of the so-called “nature”.

Leonor Serrano Rivas and Diego Delas

Mónica de Miranda

The sun does not rise in the north by Mónica de Miranda, 2023 


30 min. 

Courtesy of the artist

Moving across the shores between Ceuta (Spain) and Tangier, Morocco, a man and woman discover the present borders and past archaeologies of these lands that were once one and now exist separately. People are trapped in a limbo between Europe and the inhospitable forests of Morocco. In the incessant search for a better life, many die crossing the Mediterranean, which has become a graveyard of unconquered lost hopes. The land is cut by barbed wires, constantly expelling and containing. A separated couple travels through the desert and forests, wandering until they reach the edge of the borders that divide Africa and Europe. The travels entice the characters to deep reflection on the reality of their live. The sun does not rise in the north is a search and a dialogue between Africa and its diaspora about the contemporary complexities of immigration and displacement.

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Riva Sette Martiri, Venice, Italy


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Immersive exhibition "Présentes

Created in exceptional collaboration with the Musée du Louvre, this exhibition offers a reflection on the role and representation of female figures in the Mediterranean world, through an educational and sensory experience based on digital audiovisual technologies. The exhibition is divided into two parts:

  • An educational documentary on the aft deck
  • An immersive exhibition at the heart of the catamaran
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A sound journey in the Mediterranean by Ircam

Through a Sound Odyssey, Ircam and Ircam Amplify invite visitors to explore the sensations of the Mediterranean and discover new soundscapes, both imaginary and real.

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© Elisa Von Brockdorff

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Is access to the boat free?

Yes, the boat tour is free. However, you must reserve your time online in the dedicated area of our ticketing service.

Is there a specific dress code for visiting the museum boat?

For reasons of safety and preservation of the boat, high heels and stilettos may not be worn on the boat.

How do I get on board the museum boat?

The museum boat is open to all, free of charge and subject to registration. Find out all about the museum boat on our dedicated page. To find out on which quay it will be moored, consult the page dedicated to your town.

Is the museum boat accessible to people with reduced mobility?

The catamaran is currently not wheelchair accessible. Please inform us in advance of any special accessibility requirements, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.