Our ambition

In 2024, the Art Explora Foundation introduces its flagship project: a museum boat and a traveling festival that will explore the seas and oceans around the world, offering unique artistic and cultural experiences. This unprecedented adventure aligns with the foundation's ambition to reduce cultural barriers and promote a broader and more democratic engagement with the arts.


Art Explora is an international foundation that inspires new encounters between arts and audiences – locally, nationally and internationally. Our imaginative, contemporary approach encourages new forms of access, participation and engagement with arts and culture, pushing boundaries with digital technology and mobile programmes. We work in partnership with artists, cultural organisations and communities, exploring all art forms, and creating unforgettable cultural experiences for everyone. Founded by entrepreneur Frédéric Jousset in 2019, Art Explora is a collective journey bringing together many partners and more than 1600 volunteers.



The Art Explora Festival is a traveling cultural festival, accessible to all, developed in collaboration with local institutions across the Mediterranean to offer unique cultural and artistic experiences to diverse audiences. The festival unfolds aboard ARTEXPLORER, the world's first museum boat, as well as on the docks and in the host cities. From spring 2024 to spring 2026, the festival will travel to over 15 countries in the Mediterranean.

Because mobility is a powerful tool to reach new audiences, and with 60% of the world's population living within 60 kilometers of a coastline, we have created the Art Explora Festival. With its museum boat ARTEXPLORER, it invites everyone to participate at every stage of the project.

Symbolizing escape and discovery, the boat embodies a unique blend of adventure and imagination. Its journey connects worlds, individuals, and cultures, creating new opportunities for co-creation, participation, and exchange.


A curatorial collaboration

At each stop, a curator from the country organizes a unique and diverse cultural program, exploring themes directly related to the local context in partnership with local institutions, cultural organizations, and associations.


Art Explora is committed to a sustainable environmental and societal approach in both its programming and event organization. Supported by international experts in climate change mitigation and a network of partners, the Foundation strives to:

  • Explore available local solutions to reduce our emissions
  • Offset our carbon footprint
  • Develop an awareness and support program for environmental issues


Engaging with audiences is a key focus for the Art Explora Foundation, aiming to experiment with new modes of access and participation. We foster a collaborative and co-creative approach with various partners to achieve ambitious goals in reaching out to audiences. Our objectives include:

  • Addressing all audiences and promoting inclusivity for all participants.
  • Encouraging projects that involve audiences from the outset, starting with the conception of content.
  • Facilitating exchanges and collaboration with artists through creative workshops and artistic practices.
  • Giving voice and involving marginalized communities in public spaces.

The programming of activities and projects for audiences is developed in collaboration with local cultural institutions and organizations in the fields of education, associations, and social spheres, taking into account the cultural, sociological, demographic, and linguistic diversities of the audiences. 

In addition, the entire project and all the activities on offer are free of charge.

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