The museum boat ARTEXPLORER

The ARTEXPLORER catamaran is the world's first museum boat. Designed by architects Axel de Beaufort and Guillaume Verdier, it measures 46.5 meters long and 55 meters high. The boat was constructed at the Perini Navi shipyard in Italy. It can welcome up to 2000 people on board each day and offers an immersive exhibition designed in exceptional collaboration with the Louvre Museum. It also features a sound experience developed with IRCAM and onboard artist residencies.

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onboard Experiences

© Graphics eMotion

© Graphics eMotion


Created in exceptional collaboration with the Louvre Museum, this exhibition offers a reflection on the role and representation of female figures in the Mediterranean world, through an educational and sensory experience based on digital audiovisual technologies.

The exhibition will feature a two-part experience:

• An educational documentary on the rear deck•

• An immersive exhibition in the heart of the catamaran

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A sound journey in the Mediterranean created by Ircam

Through a sound odyssey, Ircam and Ircam Amplify invite visitors to explore the sensations of the Mediterranean and discover new imaginary or real sound landscapes.

About the sound journey

© Wilmotte & Associés Architectes

© J-C Verchère


The Art Explora festival is a project that fosters exchanges, dialogues, and cultural cooperation across the Mediterranean region. As part of its commitment to supporting contemporary creation, the festival offers a program of cross-residencies,

The curators associated with the project invite artists, scientists, and researchers from the different countries visited by the Art Explora Festival to participate in residencies on board the boat and in another Mediterranean city for one month.

Over thirty artists from fifteen Mediterranean countries will have the opportunity to develop their projects and travel to another country in the region. These residencies will enable artists to create a narrative around this Odyssey and support the mobility and contemporary creation in the Mediterranean through an extensive network of residencies, institutions, curators, and artists.


At the invitation of the Foundation, Laure Prouvost, a contemporary French artist, has envisioned a collection of sails for the ARTEXPLORER museum boat. These sails delicately and thoughtfully evoke aerial landscapes, transporting us to liberated spaces, both physically and mentally.

© Laure Prouvost

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visiting informations


The boat is equipped with an accessible ramp for people with reduced mobility. Additional measures may be required depending on the ports. Access to the rear deck and immersive exhibition is possible. However, the upper deck is not accessible. Please inform us in advance of any specific accessibility requirements so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


Detailed safety instructions will be provided to visitors prior to the tour. For safety and preservation reasons, wearing high heels and stilettos is prohibited on the boat.

visit duration

The total estimated visit time on the boat is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

visit itinerary

The boat tour is divided into three parts: Discovery of the sound odyssey on the upper deck of the catamaran; Viewing of the documentary on the rear deck of the catamaran; Visit of the immersive exhibition, at the heart of the catamaran.